2016 Osijek Event


Pyxie Dust Project in Numbers
  • 3 events so far…
  • Zagreb 2014 #13 girls
  • Zagreb 2015 #23 girls
  • Osijek 2016 #70 girls and 7 female teachers
  • #8 Workshops on Arduino, Math in Art, Game Development, Drones and 3d printing, Build your own Battery operated car, program a robot with Lego Mindstorm and Cloud Computing
  • #10 Mentors and #15 Volunteers helped to build capacity of the event and create an excellent program using talent in and around Osijek Software City and Bios Business Incubator and Co-Working Space Incubator along with the coordinators from Impact Hub Zagreb and academic institutions
  • #IBM and US Embassy had inspiring representatives on hand to speak and validate that this is a project helping to create opportunities for girls and women in all STEM fields
  • #up next is Pyxie Dust Project Zadar in June 2016


Friday, 04. March 2016.


What is Pyxie Dust?

Josie Zec & Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec

The founder and lead mentor will explain how the Pyxie Dust Project story has unfolded and the vision for its future development in Croatia and the region. Yes, teenage dreams come true when then the right people come together to make it happen!



Jacob Mecum & Barbara Brijaček

Jacob Mecum is the Economic Officer for the US Embassy Zagreb and will welcome participants and tell us why US State Department thinks investing in girls and young women is important to our shared futures. Barbara Brijacek works in Human Resources for IBM as the IAA North America Team Leader. She is originally from Osijek and she will help participants learn more about IBM and the skills and experiences they can gain now to prepare for careers in STEM


Group divide


The participants will be divided into groups.


Pimp my geek ride

Mateja Hržica + Josipa & Barbara

Pimp my geek ride workshop is designed to develop creativity and reinforce knowledge of young girls in the world of electrical engineering. We will made an electric car in a very simple and fun way, so we could participate in the competition – which car will be the last to fell apart. Most of the time, we will use scissors no previous knowledge in electrical engineering is required. Come and join us to became a part of a big geek group through our workshop; and don’t worry a driver’s license is not necessary wink emoticon. Bazinga!


Math in Universe

Maja Meško + Valentina & Maja

Everything in the Universe is made of Math – including us. Wouldn’t be great if we could see the other side of Math (not just boring formulae)? We will discover different math pattern and see how Math can help us to develop our creativity, manage stress or improve our concentracion. Also, we will learn how to make it your own beautiful coloring book using math string pattern.


Founder Session and Welcome

Josie Zec & Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec

Saturday, 05. March 2016.


Welcome Opening group divide




Tomislav & Dora Jakopec

Using Lego Mindstorms robots, will be presented the basic principles of programming. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own programs that will be carried out on the Lego Mindstorms robot.


Game Development

Leo Tot

Game design and game development are currently some of the hottest topics in the digital world, and they are tightly connected to the „indie game development“ term. But, how does one become a game developer/designer. Answers to these, and many more questions u can find @Pyxie Dust Project workshops in Osijek. See you there!





Jewlery Box- Arduino Kit

Jurica Rešetar

Learn how to use the most popular prototyping platform in creative and entertaining ways.


Blender& Ultimaker2 3D printing

Luka Šimić

Ever wondered what’s the big fuss with 3D print? Now you have a chance to see it on sight and even make your own 3D model! Our mentor will explain how to make 3D model using free tool Blender, and you can explore materials and technique used to print such models. Join us and see that digital world is all but 2D.


Drone uprising

Valent Turković

Drones and robots are taking over the planet! It sounds a little dramatic but people from all over the world are using them in their hobbies, and more often in everyday work. Photographers, researchers and scientists find much help with these machines. In the future, it will be a crucial skill to understand them and to know their abilities. Join us for hands-on workshops where you will meet some of our best flying drones.


Me in a Cloud

Filip Glavota


Diploma and Plans for next time



To be able to participate in Pyxie Dust project workshop, register your interest.

Our mentors and Team in Osijek

Mateja Hržica


She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in electrical engineering. As Microsoft Student Partner she participated in various projects and enjoyed conducting many interesting presentations and workshops regarding Microsoft technologies. Wishing to expand her knowledge and acquire new experience, she spent a semester in the United States as the IAESTE intern. Mateja never shies away from solving problems and difficult logical tasks.

Josipa Harhaj


Studentica je pete godine Elektrotehničkog fakulteta Osijek i želi prenositi svoje stečeno znanje što je jedan od razloga sudjelovanja na Pyxie Dust projektu. Također voli i provoditi vrijeme u društvu pogotovo ako su uključene društvene igre te uživa u učenju novih kultura kroz razna putovanja.

Barbara Danko


Barbara Danko je studentica zadnje godine diplomskog studija elektroenergetike na Elektrotehničkom fakultetu u Osijeku. Kao osoba koja voli putovati, ali i raditi na sebi i svojim vještinama se prijavljuje i sudjeluje na nekoliko Erasmus+ internacionalnih projekata, koji su idealno mjesto za proširivanje znanja na zabavan način. Teme projekata su bile o očuvanju okoliša što je uz obnovljive izvore njezin najveći interes. Razlog sudjelovanja na Pyxie Dust projektu je želja da na zabavan, ali edukativan način približi mladim djevojkama tehničke znanosti.

Maja Meško


Holds a master degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.
Maja works in Hammer since 2016 as Software Developer. She likes exploring new stuff in technology and share knowledge. In her free time, she does make up for others, reading books and training her programming skills.

Valentina Kojić


My name is Valentina Kojić. I’m 23 and I’m studying computer science in the faculty of Electrical Engineering. I’ve decided that because of my interest in web design, I also think that this is a great way of showing my creativity and to develop new ideas. When I‘m not studying, I‘m usually hanging out with my friends, taking pictures of nature, exploring new places and traveling. Just like any other girl, my addiction is Instagram.

Tomislav Jakopec


An IT enthusiast in general. He has Ph.D in Information Sciences and employed as postdoctorate at the University of Osijek. He participates in teaching the courses Design web pages, Databases II, Implementation of content-creating software solutions, Electronic publishing and bookselling, Information and Communication Infrastructure, Information Systems and Programming 2 and 3. An active member of Osijek Software City, the winner of OSC Hackathon 2013 and 2014.

Leo Tot


Lecturer in robotics at Centar Znanja, Lecturer in game design and game development at Centar Znanja and Microsoft Student Partner.

Jurica Rešetar


4th year Student, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb, and innovation prodigy.

Valent Turković


Entuzijast i evangelist slobodnog softvera i hardvera, osnivač projekta Otvorena mreža i su-osnivač #labOS hackerspacea, aktivan u OpenStreetMap projektu, zaposlen kao embedded Linux inžinjer, radio prije kao tehničar za optiku, mrežne protokole, adsl i glasovne usluge u Iskon Internetu. Kroz hobi bavi se embedded sustavima, sustavima za pametne kuće wifi mesh sustavima, senzorima i općenito “Internet of Things” projektima.

Luka Šimić


Luka Šimić: 18-godišnji učenik Elektrotehničke i prometne škole Osijek, koji se bavi 3D modeliranjem već nekoliko godina. Spreman je podijeliti svoje znanje s drugima i uz dobru zabavu naučiti nešto novo.

Pyxie Dust Project Leaders

Josephine Ida Zec


Josie is a true renaissance woman. Her interests and abilities include singing Opera and other genres with famous Zagreb based choir Zvjezdice; she is a published author of a children’s book, Animingles (2012) and song, Game Over which one of 16 entries into the Jr. Eurovision Contest (2014); and tech enthusiast who conceptualized and realized the Pyxie Dust Project. You can find her vlogging at Josie Everyday. She is not only a lead organizer but also a participant of the Pyxie Dust workshops.

Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec


Tina Lee is the cheerleader of the group. She tries to keep everyone motivated and constantly recruiting new fans of Pyxie Dust. Like Josie, she is also an alum of the Django Girls inaugural workshop for women coders in Berlin at EuroPython. In addition to being the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Zagreb School of Economics and Management she is also the National Point of Contact for the European Centre for Women and Technology.

Anamarija Mostarac

Project assistant

Anamarija is our logistics guru handling the behind the scenes coordination. She does her job so well and always with a smile on her face that it appears there is she is a stress free kind-a-gal. But don’t let her unassuming nature fool you...she has a master degree in Economics. Her topic of interest during college was entrepreneurship which was one of the reasons she joined Impact Hub Zagreb team during last year of college. After few months she started working as a coordinator of a Croatian edition of a student competition Social Impact Award and joined the team of the first incubation program for social entrepreneurs The Inkubator. Anamarija is a real travel enthusiast, nature lover and enjoys dedicating her free time to volunteering.

Bela Ikotić


Bela Ikotić is a Secretary-General for Osijek Software City organization. He participates in planning the project strategy and he is also responsible for coordinating and running Osijek Software City organisation.

Maja Katić


Maja Katić is a designer and developer specialized in UI and interaction design. She loves to take on technological challenges and think of smart ways for optimization and organization. Holds a Master’s degree in Information Science from the University of Osijek and works on financial software in Hammer d.o.o. since 2011. She volunteers in local IT community with MS Community sessions and coordinates KulenDayz– IT Innovation Conference. For her, the best way to get inspired are road trips, adventures and fantasy books. She likes to spend her free time with her family.

Željka Tičić

Guest speaker

Željka is Chief Operating Officer at IBM Hrvatska