Who We Are

In 2013, Josephine Ida Zec (then 13) of Zagreb won a scholarship to attend a software conference in Berlin – EuroPython and participate in a Django Girls event.  This event was organized to motivate women to learn about coding and Josephine was the youngest participant.  She thought more girls would want to enjoy such events and came up with her concept targeting teens and the Pyxie Dust Project was born.  She was encouraged by Django Girls organizers to pitch her idea.  In front of a crowd of almost a thousand conference goers, she presented her lightening talk on stage on July 24,2014 and her pitch can still be viewed here (12:00 mark start).


Since the talk, she developed the concept further and organized some resources including a first location – Impact Hub Zagreb and sponsors – Django Foundation and to launch a pilot event.  The initial Pyxie Dust Project event was focused on helping teach girls from the age of 13 to18 to learn how to code and get them interested in technology careers. The first event took place at Impact Hub Zagreb from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of September, 2014.

Josephine says “The reason why I am doing this is because a lot of girls and boys are more likely to go on Facebook, then to do something productive. This event is important because girls should educate themselves to know how the internet works and how people code. It’s a fun event where girls can meet new friends and have fun through learning technology.”

From technology to full steam ahead…STEAM, Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math.  The events from 2015 onwards help to bring teen girls and young woman closer to STEAM fields through hands on, interactive events and exposure to learn skills and explore careers to start building their future and sharing with their peers.

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Core team

Josephine Ida Zec


Josie is a true renaissance woman. Her interests and abilities include singing Opera and other genres with famous Zagreb based choir Zvjezdice; she is a published author of a children’s book, Animingles (2012) and song, Game Over which one of 16 entries into the Jr. Eurovision Contest (2014); and tech enthusiast who conceptualized and realized the Pyxie Dust Project. You can find her vlogging at Josie Everyday. She is not only a lead organizer but also a participant of the Pyxie Dust workshops.

Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec

Lead mentor and content developer

Tina Lee is the cheerleader of the group. She tries to keep everyone motivated and constantly recruiting new fans of Pyxie Dust. Like Josie, she is also an alum of the Django Girls inaugural workshop for women coders in Berlin at EuroPython. In addition to being the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Zagreb School of Economics and Management she is also the National Point of Contact for the European Centre for Women and Technology.

Hermes Arriaga

Project manager

As Impact Hub Zagreb director and co founder, Hermes is supporting the strategic management and business development activities, and manages Impact Inkubator and Pyxie Dust Project. Hermes is agricultural engineer with a post-graduate degree in environmental economics. He likes to introduce himself as engineer by theory, but creative thinker by practice which he showcases using spaghetti and marshmallows to engage participants in engineering challenges. Besides his daily work at Impact Hub, he is part of several projects in Croatia related to economic development and entrepreneurship.

Anamarija Mostarac

Project assistant

Anamarija is our logistics guru handling the behind the scenes coordination. She does her job so well and always with a smile on her face that it appears there is she is a stress free kind-a-gal. But don’t let her unassuming nature fool you...she has a master degree in Economics. Her topic of interest during college was entrepreneurship which was one of the reasons she joined Impact Hub Zagreb team during last year of college. After few months she started working as a coordinator of a Croatian edition of a student competition Social Impact Award and joined the team of the first incubation program for social entrepreneurs The Inkubator. Anamarija is a real travel enthusiast, nature lover and enjoys dedicating her free time to volunteering.

Ana Raguž

Impact measurement lead

Ana uses a gentle voice to convey big ideas. She was one of visionary founders behind Impact Hub. She has special way of motivating others which she skilfully uses as a seasoned mentor, particularly to women and youth out to change the world for the better. In the Pyxie Dust Project, she is active in measuring the impact and surveying participants before, during and after the event for continuous improvement. Her artistic and techno-savvy gifts lend a hand to our reports, certificates with her design flair. Ana is a landscape architect with passion for social change, involved in projects and ventures including design for impact, social innovation, social entrepreneurship and integral education.

The core team recognize the great suppprt and added value from the following super stars: Antun Cerovečki as the webmanager, Elizabeth Novaković as the brand consultant, Baptiste Mispelon for his initial support, Helena Habdija for being the first maker workshop leader, Dijana Matijas for being the focal point with the US Embassy, Mira Zatezalo for her support as project administrator and many other who directly or indirectly have collaborated to this project.


Predrag Pale


Faculty Member, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb (FER).

Kristina Duvnjak


Science Promoter at Bioteka.hr

Bela Ikotić


Secretary General,
BIOS Osijek Software City

Davor Banović


QA and Release Manager at Shoutem

Jurica Rešetar


4th year Student, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb, and innovation prodigy.

Una Pale


5th year Student, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb

Special guests

Julieta Valls Noyes


Željka Tičić

Chief Operating Officer, IBM Hrvatska


STEMI Founders

Robotics Talk from STEMI