TIME #what? #who?
16:00 - 16:30 Meet-up & Registration Welcome Committee: Anamarija M., Barbara Danko, Josipa Harhaj, Tina Marin, Renata Marušić
16:30 – 16:35 Introduction Ana Raguz and Hermes Arriaga
16:35 - 16:45 Overview of Pyxie Dust Today Josie Ida Zec and Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec
16:45 -17:00 IBM supports Diversity Željka Tičić
17:00 -18:45 LARP * - Live Action Role Play “Terrible Creations” Team featuring Lucija Tancer, Matija Mihoković, Miroslav Wranka
18:45 -19:15 I <3 Bits and Bytes Mini Mixer Short Party and Networking for All
19:15 -21:00 SMART ---Science, Math, Art Mashups with Color Calculations Stations* Anamarija Šarić, Valentina Kojić, Ivana Ivošević
21:00 – 21:30 Been There/Will do That Maja Katić and Ana Raguz lead All
* swapping groups is done inside slots
TIME #what? #who?
9:30 Welcome Breakfast Ana Raguž
10:00-11:45 #DT - Design Thinking & #Prototyping Victor Ricardo Altimira
11:45 -13:45 Croduino-Arduino Music Boxes Scratch Programming* Jurica Rešetar and Josie Zec
Zadar Development Association Team
13:45-14:30 Grab Some Grub aka Lunch Everybody, everybody!
14:30-16:30 Tinker My Kites/Cars* Mateja Hrzica, Josipa Harhaj, Barbara Danko
16:30 -17:00 Inventor Cinema Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec
17:00-18:00 Pyxie Awards Party Josie Ida Zec, Valentina Kojić, Hermes Arriaga
18:00 Goodbye Girls Diana Matijas-Vengar, US Embassy, Economic Officer
* swapping groups is done inside slots


16:00 Registration is Open – Come on over to Coin Zadar coworking space, sign in at the registration desk get your nametag, and relax while the participants start to arrive. You will be greeted by our hosts for the Weekend Tina Marin and Renata Marušić plus Anamarija Mostarac from Impact Hub Zagreb and our very own Pyxie Dust Project Welcoming Committee.

16:30 – 16:45 Welcome to the World of #STEM according to Pyxie Dust Project — get a short introduction to those who make Pyxie Dust Project work and the who’s who on the Zadar team to make participants relax and enjoy. Founder, Josie Ida Zec, a teen herself will give a short timeline from her original idea until today with a little help from her mentor and mom, Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec

16:45 – 17:00 IBM supports Diversity, Željka Tičić will introduce you to the world where women and girls are invited to transform the future with International Business Machines. IBM operates its computer and IT consulting company in over 175 countries including Croatia and has over 400,000 employees worldwide. She introduce to what IBM is doing to ensure that progress in their company and in a variety of key industries include diverse opinions to reflect the world we live in.

17:00 – 18:45 LARP – Live Action Role Play – Pirate Edition brought to you by “Terrible Creations” featuring Lucija Tancer, Matija Mihoković and Mirslav Wranka. LARP is like experiencing a video game inside the machine as the characters participating in the action rather than just watching it on a screen. You will get roles and directions via your mobile phones so plug and play online and off. #Imagine

18:45 -19:15 I heart Bits and Bytes Mini Mixer – No one left behind when food, drinks and fun help you stir together interests and make new friends while fuelling up for the rest of the nights activities.

19:15 – 21:00 SMART – #Science, Math, Art Mashups with Color Calculation Stations lead by Anamarija Šarić, Valentina Kojić, Ivana Ivošević travel around and visit different exhibits of activity including experimenting with color and chemistry by making your own potions, relaxing into a world of patterns and pattern interruption with ap tiling and rise to the challenges of math mind games and more.

21:00 -21:30 Been There/Will do That — Maja Katić and Ana Raguz will be your guides as they recap the night and engage the participants to reflect on all the activities and new people they met and explore the plans for Pyxie Dust Project Zadar Day Two.

21:30 – 22:00
Parent pick up zone or departure

9:30 Welcome Breakfast — participants roll in — ease into the day with fresh fruit, pastries and plenty of water while mingling with some new friends and old.

10:00 – 11:45 #DT Design Thinking and Prototyping— Dr. Ricardo Altamira came in from Spain just to lend his talent and creativity for his friends at Pyxie Dust Project. The whole group will work together and then in teams to design for a girl. Participants will learn to think outside of the box and get a chance to make ideas in their head come to life as they create prototypes of products for girls just like them. #Innovate

11:45 – 13:45 Croduino – Arduino Jurica Resetar, Josie Ida Zec along with the Zadar Develoment on Scratch Program will have you pulling out your laptops and coding your hearts out with immediate results on screen and having an ordinary box transform into a musical beat box. #Technology

13:45 – 14:30 Grab Some Grub aka Lunch – Yum time to eat, drink and be merry during a pause in the action.

14:30 – 16:30 Tinker My Kites/Cars – learn to DIY (Do it Yourself) your own kites and cars but not your daddy’s kites and cars. These will be replicating a genius of design Alexander Graham Bell’s Tetrahedral Kites one video at a time. Then of course you will go and see if your kite flies. The cars will be made from deconstructed kitchen appliances and reconstructed recycled materials like bottles and cans…then of course you will go and start your batteries and race. #Engineering

16:30 – 17:00 Inventor Cinema – Participants will be able to kick back and relax with some popcorn while you meet modern day inventors with a multimedia experience of sound and motion with live narration by Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec #STEM

17:00 – 18:00 Pyxie Awards Party – Gather up your memories of joining Pyxie Dust Project by bein certified and get a bunch of swag if you do something extraordinary on one of the workshops! We will also make some neat social media buzz with Instagram, Snapchat, You Tube, and Facebook posts.

18:00 – 18:30
Parent pick up zone or farewell until we meet again