Pyxie Dust Project Pilot Event 2014

Pyxie Dust Project Pilot Event 2014
22 Sep 2014

The Pyxie Dust Project pilot event helped to teach girls from the age of 11 to 22 how to code and got them interested in technology careers. This first event took place at Impact Hub Zagreb from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of September. 2014.  The 3-day event including coding in tech training in hardware and software as well as content creation.  We had do-it-yourself workshops to make custom t-shirt designs and robot jewelry as a warm-up to the creative process.  The second day of the event focused on learning fundamentals with Arduino and learning how to program this hardware device to be a musical instrument. There was learning how to code with Django and Python  components and design their very own a blog. Of course, there was a great party atmosphere and planning for what the girls would do alone and together to pursue the spark for technology that was lit during the event.  Josephine says “The reason why I am doing this is because a lot of girls and boys are more likely to go on Facebook, then to do something productive. This event is important because girls should educate themselves to know how the internet works and how people code. It’s a fun event where girls can meet new friends and have fun through learning technology.”

Pyxie Dust Project likes to thank: Ola Sendecka and Ola Sitarska – the original Django Girls and our sisters in coding; Baptiste Mispelon, Ana Vojnovic, Una Pale, Predrag Pale and Helena Habdija as awesome mentors; EuroPython for the lightening talk forum which started it all as well as behind the scenes support from Augustin Jarak, Romana Bikić, Hermes Arriaga and Tomislav Car. Media interest from 24sata, HRT, Women in Adria and Netocracija. Sponsorship from Django Software Foundation and Impact HUB Zagreb which made the event free to our pilot project participants who are now on their programming paths!




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